St Joseph's Graduate

​​The staff and leadership of St Joseph's College, in guiding young people in their educational journey, understand we are a foundational influence in their lives. We have, with parents, the great honour and responsibility of shaping and challenging the character of our young people and their faith.

Our school will prepare the intellect of each child for the journey that awaits. However, our greater function is to ensure the foundational elements of faith and character are secure. In so doing we ensure a life that may be lived to the full as Christ intended. A belief anchored in our faith where each child's actions and decisions are founded in strength and integrity.

As such the St Joseph's graduate will:

  • Be persistent in their thoughts and attitudes and have an ability to think flexibly being solution focused
  • Show Empathy and search for Understanding of other people and act 'beyond themselves' through service and action within their communities
  • Strive for accuracy, question the world around them and pose problems for solution to create a society of integrity and reflectiveness
  • Think and work interdependently and understand that through cooperation and collaboration the best outcomes, and best practice, is ensured.
  • Be encouraged to think and communicate with clarity and precision, gathering data from multiple sources through multiple mediums, ensuring responsibility, reliability and success in decision making and action.
  • Always look to create, imagine and innovate in the world around them to shape their own path in the world.
  • Endeavour to take time, manage their impulsivity and take risks that are responsible and beneficial to our communities now and in the future.
  • Will always look to learn​, and reflect on their learning, to ensure their continuous improvement, always thinking about the past to inform their future direction and new experiences.
  • Enjoy life to its fullest, finding humour, responding with joy and experiencing the fullness of God's creation with awe.​


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