Social Justice and Action

The college practises justice within its own community through: 

  • Identifying, implementing and promoting policies, structures and practices that respect the rights and dignity of all members of the college community 
  • Applying Christian stewardship to the resources and environment of the college 
  • Establishing just processes of discernment and critical judgement when making decisions. 

The college acts for justice through: 

  • Implementing policies and practices within the college that nurture a generosity of spirit 
  • Reviewing and monitoring the complexity and expense of experiences offered by the college in light of Catholic social teaching 
  • Engaging with student initiated and/or local justice projects as part of the curriculum. 

The college consciously reflects on its action for justice through: 

  • Incorporating practices of review and critique in relation to current actions for justice within the college community 
  • Building a reflective component into college social justice practices, celebrations of significant events, and prayer life.