Learning and Teaching

​​​​Our teachers are committed to the fundamental goal in working with the students of St Joseph's College, to shape well rounded, informed, spiritual aware, critical thinkers. This looks different in each phase of learning but will always be characterised​ by a goal to keep learning moving forward.

Each child grows and develops at different rates learning in different ways and looking at life through a multitude of lenses. Education is a life long journey, and schooling is a fundamental foundation step.

At St Joseph's we have a core model of pedagogy that we follow. It is exemplified​ in the document below and highlights the critical steps to be followed by teachers in the creation and establishment of engaging, challenging and agile units of study and exploration for students.

Model of pedagogy posters.pdf

In summary teacher lessons and units are built on 5 fundamental underpinnings designed to create consistent, effective and specifically focused learning experiences for students:

FOCUS - on leaners and their learning - What is essential learning and what processes and practices will achieve curriculum outcomes

ESTABLISH - clear learning intentions and success criteria in every lesson, every day - What is the purpose of our learning activities "What are we learning not what are we doing"

ACTIVATE - multiple ways of knowing, interacting and multiple ways of practice - How do we engage in the learning, access and action the concepts and explore with depth and width the basis of the knowledge being shared.

RESPOND - with Feedback that moves learning forward - Responding and interacting with student's in a way that delivers specific direction to those places of their learning where there are gaps in knowledge or skill.

EVALUATE - the effort of teaching on student achievement and success. Teachers reflecting in collaboration with one another regularly and intentionally. Asking the question "Is my teaching getting results and development for students?"

Learning Teaching Framework final 2013 A4.pdf