Vision & Mission


St Joseph's College is a Catholic School in the Josephite tradition owned and administered by Brisbane Catholic Education operating under the guidance of the Archbishop of Brisbane. Our College vision partners the visions of both the Archdiocesan and Brisbane Catholic Education vision.

​The Brisbane Catholic Education Vision seeks to inspire students with a love of learning and a heart of hope, empowering them to shape and enrich our world. ​​​

At St Joseph's College we are an authentic Catholic community centred on the learning, growth and development of the young people in our care. We are a school centred on encouragement, excellence and development of each child's character, intellect and spirit.

Our education is dynamic and shaped by the leadership and action of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, a woman of courage, faith and an irrepressible desire to change the lives and journey of the children.

As such we commit to an educational environment that liberates through:

  • the call to be courageous in our thought and action,
  • the challenge to love and act with strength and gentleness,
  • the commitment to learn with purpose and resourcefulness
  • the sensitivity to serve with humility and an awareness that ensures we never walk past someone in need without action.

We are a Catholic school inclusive of all faiths but centred​ on the example of Christ to deliver the community the words and actions of our motto:  Courage to love fully, learn with gentleness and serve with commitment and faith.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Mission Statement

​As a Catholic community we will, with strength and gentleness;

  • Guide students and families in faith and understanding of Christ's place in the world
  • Teach with a focus on excellence in student performance and development
  • Care for the children with an eye to develop, form and strengthen their outlook, spirit and character in a safe, supportive and challenging context
  • Share the example of Mary MacKillop as a modern example of Christ in our world
  • Shape, encourage and challenge teachers to deliver excellence and discover the talent and treasure in every child
  • Challenge students to live courageous lives, unshackled by convention, creative in their outlook and eager to change the world they lead.
  • Walk with families in partnership in the journey of educating the hearts and minds of their children.

 With all schools in Brisbane Catholic Education teach, challenge and transform through service, support and leadership for all in our school community.

Parent and Community Code of Conduct​

At St Joseph's College we have high expections for all members of our community. Please refer to our Parent and Community Code of Conduct Form below.

St Joseph's College Parent and Community Code of Conduct Form.pdf