Student Formation & Wellbeing

​​The care, formation and wellbeing of children is a primary concern of Catholic Education and St Joseph's is committed to challenging our young people to be the best they can be through our curriculum, sport, cultural and spiritual growth opportunities.

We want our students to​ live fully. This concept is rooted in the basis of the Christian message and Jesus purpose to ensure our children "have life and live it to the full" John 10:10

The notion of formation moves beyond the concept of pastoral care. Student formation is a focused and​ active concept where children's daily interactions with staff and fellow students are seen as opportunities and moments to form our attitudes, actions and beliefs and allow us to grow into the St Joseph's College graduate. The College formation program is a specific program of intentional designed and targeted experiences and opportunities that inform, challenge and extend students beyond the curriculum and into spaces and places that they would otherwise not venture.

The Student formation program includes camps, retreats, KAIROS experiences, tutor meetings, house assemblies, college assemblies, story circles and a myriad of other elements and opportunities for growth.