Motto and Emblem

​​College Name  


The college name, St Joseph’s College, is reflective of the religious identity and spiritual charism of the Sisters of St Joseph and of its foundress, St Mary of the Cross Mackillop. 

Mary Mackillop began her visionary educational work in South Australia 150 years ago in the 1860's in Penola, South Australia. Her fundamental premise was to bring education and faith to those who were poor and marginalised, delivering to them an opportunity of liberation and the hope of a better life. She was passionate about the plight of children, would not stand for their mistreatment or abuse and was uncompromising in her stance on the value and importance of education and service. It was this premise that sees our College reflect on her attributes and select the motto "The Courage to Love, Learn and Serve".

It is with these words will shape our students, staff, parents and community and how we will measure our success.



The motto for St Joseph’s College expresses the college’s charism and is relevant to the spirituality and context of the college. The college motto is articulated as: 
 “Courage to Love, Learn and Serve”  
But what does it mean in our community . . .
At St Joseph's our motto will live in the hearts, minds and actions of all in the community. It is a way for our students family and staff to interpret and live our faith as a catholic school in the Josephite tradition.

​Courage is the fundamental underpinning that establishes our motto. At St Joseph's courage is the notion and understanding that moves beyond strength or bravery toward a sense of knowing that a heavy challenge is ahead. AS memebrs of the St Joseph's College community we face that challenge with determination, hope and faith committed to success despite the challenges and difficulties. It is an attitude and mindset evident in St Mary of the Cross Mackillop; that no challenge is insurmountable.

This courage then transfers to the 'verbs' of our motto; to Love, to Learn, to Serve. Inherent in each is a challenge if we are to deeply engage and deliver action and outcome.
Loving is never easy; it is paired with respect, dignity and forgiveness. Our relationships with each other and the planet are difficult and to create and nurture right relationships takes courage
Learning is never easy; garnering knowledge, processing facts, interpreting situations, hypothesizing outcomes, thinking and responding critically to situations and information is a difficult pursuit. To persevere in the face of adversity is hard, to be persistent when confusion walks beside you as you learn takes courage.
Service is never easy; it requires selflessness, giving and thankless outlook. The challenge to give of ourselves for the benefit of others, without reward or recognition is difficult. We are accustomed to look for gratitude and reward when we give of ourselves. Our actions for some reason are always looked upon to be transactional, to ensure we get something for everything we give. At St Joseph's we ask our students, staff and community to challenge this, to change their mindset and look for something different. To give ourselves fully to others takes courage.


​The college emblem provides a visible articulation of St Joseph’s College’s Catholic identity, charism and connections with the community.  
The St Joseph’s College emblem represents the following: 
  • Cross – Our Catholic identity and connection with the Josephite charism
  • River – location of Coomera and the golden sands of the coast
  • Tilled soil and green hills – original farming land of the site and surrounding landscape
    a design using dots as indigenous representation for community, interwoven with golden wattle, to signify a diverse, inclusive community and Bullongin people – the traditional owners of the land
  • Wattle flowers - acknowledging the language of the Bullongin where 'kumerra kumera​' was the name for the local wattle so prevalent in the area.

The colours used represent the following: 
  • Teal blue – colour of the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Gold – location in northern Gold Coast Region and the local native wattle.
  • Deep Red - ​An acknowledgement to the Kombumerri Aboriginal People of the Gold Coast where 'kumera' means blood or vein and refers to the flowing river as the life source of the surrounding lands.
  • Green – the acknowledgement of the vastness of school lands and the area's heritage and environmental significance .